Spiders Taking Over Your Attic Every Fall? Reinforce The Soffits On Your Roof

Posted on: 14 August 2015

If spiders spin webs all over your attic every fall season, check the soffits on your roof for disrepair. Spiders usually live outside of the home but will seek shelter in your attic to escape predators or to mate and lay eggs in the fall. But if you spray the attic with pesticides and still have a spider infestation, replace and repair the soffits along the roof's edges. Here's what you need to know about your spider infestation and how to reinforce the soffits to keep them out of your attic.

Why Do Spiders Live in Your Attic During the Fall?

As summer comes to an end, spiders look for new places to live and breed as the temperatures cool down outdoors. Your attic is the perfect place because it's dark, quiet and undisturbed by predators and humans. Spiders are excellent climbers and jumpers. They can travel on overhanging tree limbs, up gutters and along power lines to get to your attic. 

Although not all spiders are poisonous, some are. They can potentially leave the attic and bite your kids and pets. Spraying the attic with pesticides probably won't deter spiders, especially if the pests hide in the attic's rafters and other inaccessible locations. Unless you spray spiders directly, the pesticides won't solve your problem. 

There's a permanent solution to your spider problem. You can reinforce the soffits of your roof.

How Do You Keep Spiders Out of the Attic?

The soffits are located along the bottom edges of your roof and just under the eaves or gutters. If the soffits are damaged in some way, spiders can crawl through them and into the attic. You want to repair or replace the soffits right away.

If the house is low enough, you won't need a ladder to examine the soffits. If you live in a two-story home or have a high roof, you need to obtain a long ladder to reach the soffits. 

Now, examine the soffits for holes or cracks. Spiders can crawl through these types of damage very easily. If the edges of the soffits pull away from the eaves or fascia connected to them, spiders can enter the attic as well.

If there is extensive damages to the soffits, such as large cracks near the rafters or missing fasteners on the soffits, contact a professional roofer. You need to replace the soffits completely, as well as repair the rafters, to keep spiders out of the attic.

For small damages, such as a few small holes in the surfaces of the soffits, close them up with clear caulking material. Caulk is also good for sealing in the areas of the soffits that connect to the rafters and eaves. The material keeps spiders from squeezing inside your attic during the fall.

If you need additional help with your soffits, contact a roofer in your area today. The contractor can inspect your home to see if there are other areas of the roof that require repairs.

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