Climbing Up To The Roof? Practice These Ladder Safety Tips

Posted on: 18 August 2015

If you're planning to climb up to your roof either to make minor repairs or inspect it for damage, it's important to ensure you make it up there safely. Follow these ladder safety tips to ensure your climb is a secure one.

Tip #1: Look the ladder over carefully before using it.

You should perform a general inspection of the ladder before each and every use. Look over the rungs and make sure each is secure. Don't climb on a ladder with any loose or broken rungs. They may not support your weight and you might come plummeting to the ground if you step on them. If your ladder's "feet" are worn out or bent, it is also not safe to climb, since you cannot count on it sitting flat on the ground.

Tip #2: Don't climb on a soggy day.

If you've had a lot of rain over the last few days, it's probably not the best time to be climbing up to the roof. This is because when a ladder is placed on soggy grass, one end may sink into the grass, causing the ladder to shift and you to fall down. Also, never set a ladder on a slippery surface, such as damp wood or a tarp.

Tip #3: Always makes sure someone else is around.

It doesn't matter if you'll only be on the roof for five minutes. The climb is dangerous regardless, so make sure there is someone else home when you're climbing your ladder, just in case something goes wrong.

Tip #4: Make sure the ladder is sloped properly.

Setting the ladder up so that it has too steep of an angle can make it unsafe to climb. Too much angle can also put too much pressure on the horizontal pieces of the ladder, which can be dangerous. Try to set the ladder so that it reaches about 1 foot out from the building for every 4 feet of ladder length.  For instance, if your ladder is 20 feet long, set your ladder 5 feet from the base of the home, and then lean it onto the edge of the roof from there.

Doing your own roof repairs, or checking what needs to be repaired, can be risky if you don't climb up there safely. If you're not confident following the tips above and using climbing up a ladder, it's wise to let a roofing professional like one from ACE Roofing do this work for you.