Your Questions about Two Roofing Problems

Posted on: 18 August 2015

A roof is often an overlooked part of a building, but its large size and exposure to harsh weather conditions can contribute to numerous problems that will need to be addressed. When you encounter these issues, you may have little idea of what is causing the problem or how to correct it. In particular, there are two common problems that new homeowners may not understand how to correct.

Why Are There Plants Growing on the Roof?

It is relatively common for homeowners to notice that their roof is growing small plants after being in place for several years. This can be an alarming sight, but does not always indicate an alarming issue with the roof. Often, enough dirt will get trapped on the roof to allow small seeds to sprout, and when this is the case a simple pressure washing should remove the problem. 

However, this type of damage can also arise from the roof being rotted to the point where these plants have been able to take root in the wood. When this is the source of the problem, you will need to have all of the rotted wood removed and replaced. While this may seem like an expensive and inconvenient roof repair, it is the only way to stop the damage from further spreading throughout your home. 

What Is Causing the Roof to Curl in Some Areas?

Another issue that is commonly noticed is a roof that is curling. This damage is commonly found throughout shingled roofs and at the end of rubber roofs. The source of this damage can often stem from strong storms because large hailstones and strong winds can cause this type of damage. In instances where this is not caused by storm damage, excessive moisture has likely made it under the roofing components and caused this type of damage. 

The only option for repairing this damage is to replace any of the components that are showing signs of warping. For shingle roofs, this is a relatively simple task, but rubber roofs may be more difficult because the warped part may need to be cut away from the rest of the roof. If you have never done this type of repair, you should hire a professional roofing contractor because this type of work can be extremely dangerous and if it is done incorrectly, you can cause further damage to your home. 

Understanding what you should do when you notice plants growing on your roof and what is causing the roof to curl will make you a more informed homeowner. In addition to ensuring that you are able to keep your roof looking its best, being better informed will help you to avoid allowing certain types of roofing problems from causing major damages to your home.