Is Overlay Roofing A Viable Option For Your Home?

Posted on: 25 November 2015

Having a new roof put on your home isn't a project that comes easily or without great expense. This is one project that is oftentimes pushed back for months, or even years because it just isn't in the budget to get it done. Is it possible to re-shingle your roof without breaking your budget?

One option to consider is recovering the existing roof with a new layer of shingles. Unfortunately, not every roof is in the condition to have reroof over existing shingles. Below, you will find a list of special considerations that would exclude your roof from this option.

Bad Sub-Roofing

The sub-roofing on your home must be in good condition. If it is weak it should be completely redone rather than re-shingled. When you walk across your roof – are there areas that feel spongy? If so, the wood under the shingles is failing and needs to be replaced – this requires the removal of the shingles, so re-shingling over the existing materials is not a viable option.

Before you have the sub-roofing replaced, you should find the cause of the failure. It could be caused by the deteriorating shingles or it could be caused from moisture from the underside of the roof. If the attic space is not ventilated well, the sub-roofing will rot – find the cause before spending the money to replace all of that sub-roofing and shingles to prevent the need to redo it again in the near future.

Multiple Layers of Shingles

If your home has previously been re-shingled, both layers will need to be removed before new shingles can be put on. Multiple layers add too much weight to the structure and can make it difficult for firefighters to battle fires that may occur.

Incompatible Shingles

If the existing shingles are dimensional shingles, you will have a difficult time re-shingling over them. The new shingles need a smooth, level surface to attach to or they will look bad and won't do the job of keeping moisture away from the sub-roofing.

Shingles in Deplorable Condition

If the existing shingles are in terrible condition, installing a new layer of shingles isn't a good idea. If the shingles are torn, weren't laid in perfectly straight rows or have lifting corners, overlaying new shingles isn't the best option. What is under the new shingles will determine how the new shingles look and perform.

Talk with a company like CJ Scotti Services to learn more. It may be a viable option for you or it could just cause more problems in the future – only the expert will know.