Best Roofing Materials for Two French-Inspired Home Styles

Posted on: 2 August 2016

American architectural styles have long borrowed design influences from other countries. Various French-inspired home styles have combined elements of European elegance or country charm with more modern, Americanized design builds.

Understanding the features and roof style of your French-inspired home can help you decide on a roofing material when it comes time to repair or replace the existing roof. Here are two common styles of French-inspired homes, the defining features of each, and the roofing materials you should discuss with your roofing contractors.

French Eclectic

French Eclectic homes take elements from countryside farms to provide a look that's both rustic and elegant. The homes include decorative timbered accents on the siding that bring out the geometric lines of the home and at least one tower or turret that adds additional indoor space and more visual charm. French eclectic homes typically have a pyramid-shaped roof but can also have small gable roofs on protruding parts of the home or additional wings.

A pyramid roof has a tall, four-sided design with moderate slopes. The roof style is highly visible from the street, which means the attractiveness of your roofing material will matter quite a bit.

Slate and wood both work particularly well on a French eclectic home, as both materials can bring the rustic style back to its natural roots. Slate tiles tend to have a cooler color tone than wood due to the shades of the natural stone. Slate has lower maintenance requirements than wood roofing but also comes with a higher price tag, particularly when you have a pyramid roof, which has a fairly large surface area.


Chateauesque homes take design elements from the country manor chateaus in France. A chateauesque home's defining feature is the tower or towers that offset the tall, narrow central living area and stone or masonry construction. The main roof has a hipped roof, which features four steeply pitched sides that rise up to the ridge for a highly visible roof surface.

The elegance of the home's construction or siding material calls for an equally elegant roofing material. Slate tiles pair well with both stone and masonry construction. Make sure the slate has a similar or complementary color compared with the house's stone. Masonry will prove a better overall match for the slate, which you can also install in a similar brick pattern to further accentuate the siding.

Wood shakes or shingles also pair well with masonry siding. Choose a stain color that reflects the undertone of the masonry, such as pairing warm golden-oak shingles with a warm brick-red exterior.

Contact a company such as Scheinfield Contractors for more ideas as to what kinds of roofing may be right for your home.