3 Storm-Damage Repairs Hidden Beneath Roofing Damage That Need to Be Addressed

Posted on: 18 August 2016

Storm damage is something that can affect your roof, but when you have a roofer do repairs, other problems may get uncovered. When estimating the costs of repairs or filing an insurance claim, you may want to know about some of these possible repair needs. Here are some storm-damage repairs that may be hidden beneath your roofing.

1. Issues with Water Damage from Unaddressed Leaks in Roofing

When you have storm damage to your roof, it can lead to leaks. This can lead to water damage, including damage caused because new damage builds on existing damage that has been overlooked in the past. When you are having roof repairs done, you may find that there are issues with water damage that need to be addressed. The repairs that may need to be done can include replacing roof decking, repairing rafters, and replacing materials like insulation in the attic. Most of these repairs are things that a roof-repair contractor will be able to complete for you.

2. Flashing and Mechanical Boots That May Be Worn, Damaged, or Leaking

Damaged flashing is another issue that you will have to deal with when you have storm-damage repairs done. Sometimes, these materials may be damaged due to storms, but damage can also be due to wear. When you have the roof-damage repaired, you will want to look at the flashing for wear as well as for any boots around mechanical systems and other penetrations in your roof that can be a source of leaks.

3. The Damage to Gutters and Eaves That May Need to Be Repaired

Gutters and the eaves of your home are other areas that can be severely damaged during storms. This can be due to wind ripping gutters off and damaging the woodwork in the eaves. This may be something that you need the help of a siding contractor to repair. When you talk with the roof-repair service, you may also want to talk with them about their doing repairs for gutters and eaves. Many contractors can do some of these small repairs, or they may even specialize in roofing, siding, and gutters.

These are some storm-damage repair problems that you may have to address when having your roof fixed. If your home has recently been damaged by storms, contact a roofing contractor such as FirstChoice Exteriors to help you document problems with your roof and other areas of your home.