Flat Roof Follies: Three Roofing Mistakes

Posted on: 15 September 2018

Your metal shop, warehouse, garage or shed was likely outfitted with a rubber, flat-top roof before you even thought of purchasing the place. It could be serving your facility well, weathering storms and brightly sunny days without trouble. Ignoring it as business consumes your hours is easy. This, however, typically leads to roofing structure trouble as the natural deterioration of the materials occurs without notice. These particular mistakes--or follies--could threaten not only the roof, but everything happening inside the building. 

1-Never Looking at It

Glancing up at the edges of your flat roof doesn't really qualify as a serious inspection of the materials there. In fact, even if you're eyeballing the rubber surface, you may feel that the roof looks fine and never think beyond that statement.

Truthfully, there could be a lot going on beneath that surface. Water could have already dripped into the sub-surface layers, warping out the lumber underneath. Soft spots could reveal water problems and significant damage could exist in the center of the structure, completely unseen from the ground. Someone, if not you, should be watching and noting damage.This is an especially valid tip if the building itself is older than you like to remember. It's possible that previous owners ignored it as well.

2-Having No Snow or Ice Plans

Unless you live in a state which has never seen a snow or ice storm, you're risking the roof and the building if you haven't fleshed out a real solution for dealing with the snow or ice which could slowly accumulate. Heating cables, for example, are affordable and simple to mount directly on the rubber roof top. These lines will warmly discourage frosty substances like ice and snow, melting them. If willing to splurge, timers and sensors can allow you to forget about them; they may automatically recognize and detect cold materials and power on to handle them.

3-Ignoring Sealant

Sealant may seem somewhat of a frivolous add-on to roof servicing if the flat roof seems okay. However, it is vital for blocking the kind of sunrays and water that ultimately ruin it. Get a sealant finish if possible.

These follies shouldn't ruin your roof or your building. Making room for roof issues in your mind could save money and all the equipment and materials in the building. Good flat-top roof care will also protect your people. Preserve your facility by utilizing these details and conversing with different roofing company professionals about what must be done and how you can be an active protector of the entire roof structure.