Commercial Roof Protection Tips

Posted on: 24 December 2018

Check Flashing

Commercial roofs aren't as barren as residential roofs. In addition to shingles, your commercial roof is likely the foundation for the building's main HVAC unit and might have protruding chimneys or similar objects. For that reason, thin metal strips or panels, called flashing, have been laid around these protrusions to support them and prevent substantial leaks at those points. 

However, flashing can wear down like anything else might. Corrosion is a possibility, as is loosening of individual metal strips. Once the flashing can wiggle around, that increases chances of water damage and leaks. Mold could even grow in the crevices between the roof and the underside of your flashing. This trouble could spread over the surface of the entire roof without attention. For that reason, flashing must be frequently tightened and checked.

Plan for Snow

Even commercial flat roofs are sloped slightly to permit runoff of rain or snow. However, you should have a more substantial snow plan. After all, sitting snow can result in water-related roofing issues, but left to accumulate it can weaken the actual structure. You could hire a person to move it away with snow rakes or invest in heat cables that automatically warm the surface so accumulation isn't possible.

Cut Overhanging Tree Branches

Often trees can bring trouble if they're not pruned regularly. Not only can roots grow too long and interfere with underground pipes or cables, but branches can hang over your commercial space and cause problems. For example, leaves from branches can die, fall off and become stuck in your building's gutters. If gutters get too full of debris, water isn't draining and any wet leaves could be damaging roof edges. Don't view pruning and tree maintenance as a frivolous expense; get those branches cut quickly.

Look for Problems

Inattention can be a major reason that roofs are damaged. Without looking for problems, roof damage can occur quietly for months without anyone in your commercial space knowing that for sure. The roof needs eyes on it throughout the year to solve minor issues. Missing shingles, holes, algae growth, spot discolorations and similar oddities must be viewed and fixed. Whether you leave that job to commercial roofing contractors or take the task on yourself, it must happen.

These recommendations enable basic roof protection. If problems have gotten bigger than expected or you discover substantial damage, consultations about a total commercial roof replacement are vital now. For more information, contact a company like Durafoam Roofing LLC.