How To Care For Your New Clay Roof

Posted on: 25 April 2019

You've just had a clay roof installed on your home and you want to protect this costly investment. After all, your clay roof took a lot of time to install and you want to maintain its beauty and unique allure as long as possible. You chose this type of roofing structure for its longevity and visual appeal as well as the energy savings you can have by the way this material works with sunlight.

There are ways you can care for your new clay roof so you can enjoy the structure as long as possible. If you do the following things you can keep the same roof for as long as you own your home and even have the new homeowner enjoying the same roof as well.

Spray the roof periodically

You want to use a power washer or high-powered garden hose periodically on your rooftop to keep the surface free of bird feces, leaves, branches, and other debris. The cleaner you can keep the clay surface, the more pure the colors will be. Clay is naturally absorbent so the stains will be harder to keep at bay, but you can do your part to keep your roof looking new by keeping it sprayed down.

You don't have to do the roof cleaning on your own; your roofing specialist can also work on your roof to keep the structure in great condition longer.

Keep branches away

Keeping branches away from the roof will help prevent birds and rodents from getting on your roof as much, which will help prevent these creatures from damaging or staining your clay roof. You also want to keep branches away so that in the event of a storm a broken branch doesn't crash down on your home and accidentally damage your roof or cause the structure to be compromised in other ways.

Keep inspection appointments on the regular

You want to have your roof periodically inspected as instructed by your clay roofing services provider. These inspections will reveal if anything is wrong with your roof or if repairs are needed so you can fix a single clay shingle that is broken before the whole roof has to be attended to. When you take care of the initial problems pertaining to your roof with a lower-cost inspection, you can help keep repairs at a minimum and make your clay roof more durable for years to come. Your roofing specialist will let you know how often you need inspections done.