Roof Repairs That Need To Be Done To Keep Your Home Dry When Rains Come

Posted on: 17 November 2020

As the weather begins to get warmer in spring, there will be rain coming too. Therefore, you want to make sure your roof is ready. There may be some repairs that need to be done to stop leaks and damage to your home. The following roof repairs need to be done to keep your home dry when rains come.

Problems with Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation can cause serious problems with your roof. These problems lead to rot of wood materials, eventually to leaks. When there are problems with ventilation, the following repairs may be needed:

  • Repairing damaged wood decking and rafters
  • Replacing shingles that have been damaged
  • Adding roof vents or installing fans to provide more ventilation

These are repairs and improvements that will help you deal with ventilation issues. Better ventilation in the attic will help prevent problems due to moisture that gets trapped. Good ventilation also helps to reduce heat gain during the summer months.

Winter Ice Damage at the Eaves

The winter weather phenomena can cause damage to roofing. This is often due to ice that builds up and causes dams. These ice dams are notorious for causing damage at the eaves. The repairs your roof may need due to winter ice dams include:

  • Repairing damage to woodwork
  • Replacing damaged shingles at the eaves
  • Adding an ice barrier layer to prevent future damage

These are repairs your roof may need due to the winter ice dams that cause damage to shingles at the eaves. You want to repair these problems before they lead to serious issues with water damage.

Fasteners Puncturing Roofing 

There are also problems with fasteners puncturing roofing that need repairs. These issues are often due to nails that work their way up through shingles. You will need to find these punctures to patch them with roofing cement. The signs to look for where nails are puncturing shingles include:

  • Watermarks inside your home
  • Torn shingles due to nails
  • Watermarks on the surface of shingles

These are signs of leaks due to fasteners puncturing shingles. You will want to remove the fastener and patch the leaks with asphalt cement.

Worn Flashing Where Leaks Often Start

There are also areas where flashing can wear out and cause problems. These problems are common in areas like valleys, where your roof is more vulnerable. Therefore, you are going to want to inspect these areas. Check the flashing and replace it if needed. When there is severe shingle wear in the valleys, you may have to do more repairs. Sometimes, the wood decking, flashing, and shingles will all need to be replaced.

As the weather gets warmer, rain causes damage to your home. Call a roof repair service for help with repairs before these rains come and cause problems.