Three Types Of Roofs That Require Professional Repairs

Posted on: 1 February 2021

No matter what kind of roof you choose, you will face some type of repair or maintenance need as time goes on. Even the best roof can succumb to poor weather, including hail storms and high winds. As such, if you have a tiled, flat, or steel roof, these are some of the repairs your home may need. A roofing repair professional can help you with some of these repairs.

Tiled Roof

Tiled roofs are gorgeous, but they can have their own challenges. Any roof that has overlaps and openings can result in leaks and other issues, especially with high winds. This means you need to be on the lookout for missing tiles as the years go on.

Tiled roofs can fall out of place, especially if they are older and subject to intense weather. Roofing repair professionals can easily replace tiles to ensure no damage impacting the structure of your home occurs.

Flat Roof

When you have a flat roof, you are at a higher risk of leaks. Flat roofs do not lend themselves to slopes the way other roofs do, which means that water can be stagnant on your roof. If a flat roof is single-ply, you may need repairs more often, as there are fewer coatings for water to seep through.

Flat roofs can have granular material that goes missing, especially during windy storms. Rain and wind can both tear at the protective granules, leading you to need additional repairs of the material.

Steel Roof

Many people like steel roofs that are stone-coated to provide the look of a tiled roof. A steel roof can provide the look of a tiled or wooden roof, without all the risks. Of course, you may still need some roof repair as the years go on.

While these types of roofs are great, they can also pose some challenges in terms of requiring replacement for small pieces of the roof. As strong as steel may be, tornadoes and hurricanes can carry pieces of the roof away. You may need replacements and patches to protect your home.

Contact a Roofing Professional

A roofing professional can help you get the repairs you need, no matter the kind of roof you have. Call a roof repair professional today to learn more about your options for fixing your roof and ensuring that you have the resources you need to have a roof that is free of leaks and other issues.

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