Three Tips To Help You Find The Source Of Roof Leaks And Have Them Fixed

Posted on: 23 December 2015
If you have a leaking roof, finding the problem can be difficult. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as a nail puncturing the shingles. Leaks can also be caused by more severe problems, such as wear and storm damage. No matter what the cause of a leak is, you want to be able to have it fixed before it causes serious damage to your home. Here are some tips to help you find the source of roof leaks and get them repaired:
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Seven Good Reasons to Choose Slate Roofing

Posted on: 9 December 2015
If you're in the market for a new roof, you've likely considered asphalt shingles and the popular metal roofing. However, there's one option you may not have considered: slate. Slate roofing has been around for several generations. In fact, it was the go-to roofing material at the turn of the 20th century. Mined from the earth, this durable, attractive roofing still offers a number of advantages to homeowners today. Benefits of Choosing Slate Roofing
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Making The Decision To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

Posted on: 3 December 2015
If you have a roof leak, it's important to have your roof checked out by a professional before the leak causes too much damage. Whether the leak was small doesn't matter. If you have a roof leak, you should be concerned that there are other areas of your roof that are no longer able to keep out snow, ice and rain. If you notice water stains on your ceilings, or you have water pouring into your home from the roof, it's time to call in a roofing contractor to assess the situation.
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3 Roofing Options For Your Treehouse

Posted on: 2 December 2015
Many kids dream of having the opportunity to play in a treehouse. If your landscape provides a tree large enough to safely accommodate a treehouse, building one could provide hours of fun for your friends and family members. To ensure that your treehouse is properly protected, having a professionally installed roof is essential. Here are three roofing options you might want to consider before hiring a contractor to complete the roof on your treehouse in the future.
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