Commercial Roof Protection Tips

Posted on: 24 December 2018
Check Flashing Commercial roofs aren't as barren as residential roofs. In addition to shingles, your commercial roof is likely the foundation for the building's main HVAC unit and might have protruding chimneys or similar objects. For that reason, thin metal strips or panels, called flashing, have been laid around these protrusions to support them and prevent substantial leaks at those points.  However, flashing can wear down like anything else might. Corrosion is a possibility, as is loosening of individual metal strips.
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Tips For Locating Leaks On Commercial And Residential Roofs

Posted on: 27 November 2018
The winter rains are coming and now is the time you need to repair any leaks in your roof that developed over the summer. However, before you can get to work repairing leaks, first you need to locate them. While this may seem like a simple thing, it isn't always as obvious as you might imagine because the source of the leak can be a long way from the place the roof shows any obvious water damage.
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Shakes and Fakes: Everything You Need to Know About Alternatives to Asphalt Shingles

Posted on: 26 October 2018
Asphalt shingles are ubiquitous. Across much of America, homes are protected by asphalt shingles and there is nothing wrong with that; they are durable, effective, and inexpensive. Sometimes, however, you want a different look for your home. From cedar shakes to faux products, there are choices out there to fit every style and budget.  1. Metal Roofing: While traditional, standing seam metal roofs in a silver-tone are what comes to mind when someone mentions installing a metal roof on their home, the options available today in metal roofing are almost limitless.
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3 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Energy Inefficient

Posted on: 5 October 2018
Feel like your energy bill is higher than it should be? Does it seem like your home struggles to reach your desired temperature, even when the air conditioner or furnace are running? If so, there's likely something in your home that is creating a draft. If you've installed insulation, sealed your windows, and taken other energy efficiency steps to minimize waste, you may want to consider issues in your roof.
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