• Why Vinyl Log Siding Might Be The Perfect Choice For Your Getaway Cabin

    If you're renovating an old cabin to make a fun place to get away on the weekends, consider having vinyl siding installed. You can buy vinyl siding that looks like natural logs, so it's perfect for a cabin in a natural setting. Here are some benefits of choosing vinyl for a getaway cabin. Foam Backing Adds Insulation Vinyl siding is available with its own insulation attached. The insulation makes the panels sturdier, and it also helps you control the climate in your home.
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  • Roof Repairs That Need To Be Done To Keep Your Home Dry When Rains Come

    As the weather begins to get warmer in spring, there will be rain coming too. Therefore, you want to make sure your roof is ready. There may be some repairs that need to be done to stop leaks and damage to your home. The following roof repairs need to be done to keep your home dry when rains come. Problems with Poor Ventilation Poor ventilation can cause serious problems with your roof.
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  • 3 Important Things to Know about Installing a Modified Bitumen Roofing System

    When it comes to installing a new roof on your commercial property, one of your material options is a modified bitumen roof. A modified bitumen (MB) is an asphalt-style roofing system that is used for low-slope roofs, like those found on commercial buildings. Here are some things to know about modified bitumen roofing.  #1: MB Roofs Have Five Layers It is important you understand that MB roofs have five layers in total.
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